Mission Statement

The Alberta Snowmobile Association is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of safe, responsible recreational snowmobiling in Alberta.
The Alberta Snowmobile Association is dedicated to providing strong leadership and support to member clubs to establish and maintain quality snowmobile trails which are to be used in a safe and environmentally responsible manner to further the enjoyment of organized snowmobiling.

ASA Safety Policy

The Alberta Snowmobile Association is committed to promoting safe, responsible riding on Alberta snowmobile trails by continuously improving safety standards, programs and enforcement through proactive leadership, stakeholder partnerships, public education and driver training.

ASA Environment Policy

The ASA is committed to a leadership role in fostering the environmentally responsible development and use of Alberta snowmobile trails by working with the stakeholders through a sustained program of dedicated funding, research, public education and innovative special projects.

As a Member of the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO), the ASA fully supports the positions and policies put forward by the Council.

The Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO/CCOM) is committed to the conservation of Canada’s natural environment. To that end, the Council will play an important role in affecting future decisions concerning its use and protection.

While ensuring that Canada’s natural environment will always remain accessible to Canadian snowmobilers, we must continue to minimize our impact on the environment while carrying out activities to protect endangered species and habitats and to preserve all of these lands for future generations to enjoy.

Through the development and implementation of the National Environment Stewardship Program the CCSO/CCOM will allocate both financial and personnel resources, as available, to ensure that issues related to the snowmobiling lifestyle, including environmental, economic and social, are properly identified and addressed at all levels.