International Snowmobile Safety Week 2013 – January 13-19th…..and all year!


The four snowmobile manufacturers are please to support and encourage participation in the upcoming International Snowmobile Safety Week January 13-19-2012. Snowmobilers have placed safe, responsible snowmobiling at the top of their list for years and have made great strides in safety education and enforcement. Snowmobile safety is a year around project that is supported by safety trainers, clubs, associations, enforcement officials, dealers and the manufacturers throughout the world.

The Safe Riders! campaign focuses on key areas of concern that are the major causes of snowmobile accidents. Those key issues are depicted in our snowmobiling safety posters (also available free of charge from the ISMA Office) and include:

1. Snowmobiling and alcohol don’t mix, don’t drink and ride
2. Know before you go, always check local ice conditions
3. When night riding, slow down, always expect the unexpected
4. Ride safe, stay on the trail, always respect private property
5. Cross roads with care, don’t become road kill
6. Ride smart, ride right, always stay in control.
7. One is the loneliest number, never ride alone
8. Know the risks and be prepared, make every trip a round trip (be avalanche smart).
If you manage a club or local snowmobile association and are interested in participating in the International Snowmobile Safety Week, we have available the Safety Week Campaign Action Manual on our web site . The manual provides tips on how to organize a local safety campaign and promote the Safe Riders! position. (Tip: We encourage snowmobile safety year around and if the weather doesn’t cooperate we always encourage you to promote safety in your area any time during the year.)
It is important that all of us remember to be safe riders and that only we TOGETHER make snowmobiling safe. Encourage and insist on proper behavior by your family and friends while snowmobiling, and with Mother Nature certain to provide us with great snowmobiling conditions…..eventually……this winter, let’s always remember the safety guidelines that are so important to keep our winter recreation of choice alive.