Enforcing Safe Sledding


Enforcement agencies are integral to ensuring the safety of snowmobilers and other Albertans out enjoying the chilly great outdoors.

  1. Riding with care and caution
    • A rider can be guilty of operating a snowmobile without due care and caution or without reasonable consideration for other persons or property (Section 23 of the Off-Highway Vehicles Act). The sled driver is liable for a fine of as much as $1,000. If you do not pay the fine, you are then subject to imprisonment for as many as six months, with or without the option of another fine.
  2. Alcohol and snowmobiling simply don’t mix
    • In Alberta, a snowmobile driver can be charged with the same impaired driving charges as a driver of a motor vehicle.
    • The majority of snowmobile
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Sledding to the Rescue: Emergency Tips


  • Always assume an emergency will occur and be prepared for a potential crisis. Your survival could depend upon how well prepared you are
  • Inspect your equipment and emergency kit before you leave on every snowmobiling trip
  • Ensure that a reliable person knows where you are planning on going and when you will return. The latter is especially important since time is critical in the event of an injury, particularly in a cold environment
  • If you are caught in the cold and unable to walk out of the area by dark, these tips will help you survive a night in the woods:
    • Care for personal injuries immediately. Even a minor looking injury may be critical.
    • Find protection from the elements. Use trees, snow banks, a cave,
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National Snowmobile Environment Month


Alberta Snowmobile Association Launches National Snowmobiling Environment Month

(Edmonton, AB January 2011): Across Canada, snowmobilers have been doing their part to keep nature beautiful for more than 40 years. Now, the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO) and the Alberta Snowmobile Association (ASA) are bringing snowmobilers together by launching the National Snowmobiling Environment Month, February 2011.

National Snowmobiling Environment Month celebrates a good news story. Today’s clean and advanced technology snowmobiles run more efficiently, effectively and quieter than ever before. They also benefit Mother Nature by significantly reducing emissions and virtually eliminating smoke and smell. In fact, modern snowmobile engines produce 98% fewer hydrocarbons and 94% less sound than older sleds. Overall, snowmobiles account for only a small fraction of all the motor fuel burned … read more