Planning a Snowmobile Trip


Planning for your ride is always an important factor in making your trip a success. Whether you’re going for the afternoon, the day, or camping overnight, make sure you have everything you need.

Basic snowmobiling equipment and survival gear to bring along would include flashlight, candles, tool kit, pocket knife, first aid kit, strobe, radio or cell, high energy food/drinks, tow rope, waterproof matches, extra batteries, extra key, ax and saw, mirror/reflective material, thermal blanket, spark drive belt and spark plugs.

Ensure you have a map and compass, extra mitts & socks, extra boot liners, flares, metal cup or pot along with extra fuel.
Pack smart and check your snowmobile gear and tools each time before you head out.

Always file your travel plans with family and friends to let them know where you are planning on going and when you will return.
Get to know your riding area by:

  • talking to local people in the area
  • discussing safe routes with other snowmobilers
  • obtaining a local map
  • joining a snowmobile club