Setting a Good Example


I will be a good sportsman and set a positive example for other snowmobilers by:

  • Taking care and caution of the terrain and wildlife in areas I travel through
  • Riding in safe areas and avoiding territory that is designated for the protection and feeding of wildlife
  • Placing litter in trash containers or keeping the material until I find a trash container
  • Respecting the rights and property of others
  • Lending a helping hand when I notice someone in distress
  • Assisting in search and rescue parties if needed
  • Respecting the rights of and not interfering with other winter sports people
  • Knowing and obeying all federal, provincial and local laws regulating the operation of snowmobiles
  • Travelling in areas where sledding is allowed and encouraged

Ride Safe. Ride Sober.

Responsible riding begins with you — as a club member, family member and as an individual rider. Safe snowmobiling means:

  • Avoiding alcohol or drugs — before or during — snowmobiling
  • Staying on trails and areas where snowmobiling is permitted
  • Becoming familiar with the snowmobile you ride
  • Keeping your snowmobile properly maintained
  • Operating at safe and reasonable speeds
  • Using extra caution when riding during the evening or night
  • Becoming familiar with the terrain you travel
  • Avoiding travel over unfamiliar bodies of water
  • Listening to the weather forecast before you venture out
  • Always wearing a safety certified helmet and proper, layered clothing
  • Riding with a buddy or within a group
  • Informing someone where you are going and when you plan to return
  • Carrying emergency supplies and learning survival skills.

Snowmobile safety is about more than promoting safe riding.