Safe Riders! Ride With Respect.

The ASA is pleased to again present our free Snowmobile & OHV safe riding program to Alberta schools and community groups. This interactive seminar will help to educate Alberta’s youth on safe and sound riding practices, riding and environmental safety and awareness, proper environmental respect and so much more! This free to schools program is provided by the Alberta Snowmobile Association and our many sponsors to meet the growing need for this material.  Contact the ASA to book one of our Safe Riders presentations today!

The ASA is pleased to announce this year that the Government of Alberta has made a generous financial contribution to the ASA to fund our school programs. The Ride With Respect school program, developed in partnership with the ASA, is the new provincially approved curriculum to bring the message of safe, all season off road riding to Alberta’s students.




Thank-you to to all those that are participating in this seasons program!
Alberta Snowmobile Association
Safe Riders Program